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written by Ron Merry

Owners:  Gwin & Larry Ramoneda

Year:  1964 ½                                     

Make:  Ford                           

Model:  Mustang

Engine:  Ford 347 (Stoker)           

Trans:  AOD 4-speed             

Suspension:  Stock Mustang

Color:  Flame Red                               

Upholstery:  Red & white “pony” interior (embossed ponies on the front seats as was the original 1964 ½).

Wheels:  Coys

For those of you who went to Larry and Gwin’s open house, this car was one of the great cars on display; in fact, it was a standout.

Although this car is officially Gwin’s car, it was Larry who performed the restoration.  It was purchased several years ago in far from perfect condition, and what you see today is a result of Larry’s hard work. Of course, Gwin made all the major decisions, those being the paint color, upholstery color and details.

The reason the car is called a 1964 ½ is because it was introduced in the spring instead of the fall as all new cars had been in past years.  Mustangs built before September 1964 are referred to as 64 ½ Mustangs.  After September ’64, they are referred to as 1965 Mustangs.  The Mustang, when released in 1964, was the most successful release since the 1928 Model A.

Gwin (and Larry) have taken this car to many car shows where it won many awards, several at Big Bear shows such as the “Fun Run” and also a second in class at the Grand National Roadster Show.

It has been featured in several parades where convertibles are in demand to carry dignitaries. It was in the Los Angeles County Fair parade opening day for more than 15 years (with a break due to covid pandemic) and several Covina Christmas parades.

This car is another great example of the many fine cars in the CAL-ROD's family of cars. Enjoy the slideshow below. 

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