PO Box 2453

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


written by Ron Merry

Owners: Joe & Joyce Rode

1932 Hi-Boy Roadster

Color: Red       Upholstery:  Grey Leather

Engine: 302 Ford      Trans: Automatic     Rear End: 9” Ford

Wheels: Billet Specialties w/ Knock-offs

I’m sure you’ve seen this beautiful bright red Hi-Boy at car shows or at a CAL-RODS meetings because it’s hard to miss.

The Wescott body has a metal hood and side panels, a Don Fink billet grill, and sits on a TCI custom frame.

Interestingly, it’s a Ford-powered Ford.  The 302 Ford Engine is topped by B & M mini blower, followed by an automatic transmission, then on to a 9” Ford rear end with disc brakes. Up front is a Kugel independent front end with disc brakes. Smoothing out the ride are coil-over gas shocks.

The bright red paint is accentuated by the removable black top that helps keep Joyce’s hair from getting messed up. The car has been driven to Bakersfield and to Palm Springs, but on longer trips it gets trailered.

This great looking ’32 is another example of the many fine cars in the CAL-RODS fleet of cars.

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