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Written by Ray Mahoney


Ford Mustang Fastback

Engine: 289cid - bored .060 over

Paint: Wimbledon Green

Transmission: 1967 C6 Automatic

Rear end: 3:00:1

Factory Air Conditioning

Danny Rabb is the third owner of a fine example of an early iconic Mustang design that carries that replete style to the present day sixth (6th) generation.  The Ford Mustang line was the architect of the ‘Pony Car’ craze and a whole new class of affordable performance muscle cars.  All auto manufacturers followed the success of Ford; even Toyota’s weak attempt with the Celica.   

As compared to today’s engineering, Ford used the Falcon platform and many of its parts in the production of the early Mustangs (Danny’s has a Falcon dash). Paying a whopping $250.00 for the car from a motorcycle dealership where his Son-in-law worked, the car was a trade-in and not in good shape at the time.  With large over size tires and blue paint, Danny dragged it home and brought it back to its present condition.

Manufactured originally with a 289cid 2 barrel, Danny since bored it .060 over, a racing cam, solid lifters, roller rockers and topped off with a 650cfm 4 barrel.  Fitted with a 1967 Mustang transmission, a built throttle body, shift kit, disc brakes and a new master cylinder were also installed.

Always with a passion for cars even as a kid, Danny would ride his bike down to a neighborhood garage to check out the cars.  The owner would never allow any of the neighbor kids on the property except for one day a person hollered, ‘Hey kid, you want to learn tools?’ Danny jumped at the opportunity.  His task was to clean the tools, learn their sizes and uses, but more importantly, he got the chance to watch the mechanics. The person?….Phil Weiand (1913-1978), founder of Weiand Automotive Industries; now owned by Holly Performance.

Danny also has a passion for drag racing and once held a record at Fontana Drag strip for the fastest flathead in the quarter mile. Rebuilding several cars in the past including a 1940 Mercury 4 door convertible which was bought by a collector and sits in a museum.  A Korean War Vet with the U.S. Marine 1st Division, he fought in one of the worst battles in Marine history at the battle of Chosin Reservoir.  Now when he’s not at car shows, he relaxes with friends and travels to Big Bear with his lovely Louise and their dog Daisy.

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