PO Box 2453

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


written by Doug Bithell

Owners: Dave & Mary Morel

YEAR:  1972                                                    MAKE AND MODEL: DODGE DART SWINGER


ENGINE:  STOCK 318 C.I.                                TRANS: STOCK AUTOMATIC

REAR END: STOCK                                          FRONT END:  STOCK WHEELS:  STOCK                    

            CAL-RODS has some fine hot rods & it also has some fine completely stock cars. This leads us to July’s Featured Car, the completely stock Dodge Dart Swinger of Dave & Mary Morel. This car has been in their family since it came off the dealership floor, 46 years ago.

            In late 1971, Dave and Mary decided to take mom down to Covina Dodge to look for a new car for her. Well, that didn’t take long; expecting mom to go in the lot & look at car after car didn’t happen. She walked into the showroom, took one look, & said “I want that one” as she pointed to the Dodge Dart. She drove the car for ten years & when she passed the car went to Dave & Mary.  They drove the car & in 2015 Dave decided to restore it & restore it he did. First, he rebuilt the engine, then he restored the engine compartment to look like new, he restored the trunk, replaced the gas tank, replaced the exhaust system, repainted the car with original color “Dover White” & two coats of lacquer, replaced the black vinyl top, re-upholstered the seats, replaced the head liner, replaced the carpeting & insulation, replaced the head lights/taillights/side lights, & did a bunch of re-chroming. In the process of this re-work, most of the parts were factory OEM parts & everything was done to match the original car. Dave is not done with his restoration & like most of us, it will go on forever.

            In the two years he has taken it to a few shows he won a trophy at his very first show for best work in progress. He plans on going to Big Bear, Cruise for a Cure, & lots of Cal-Rods functions. If you get a chance, take a close look at Dave and Mary’s car. You will be happy you did. Nice car Dave, keep on trucking.

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