PO Box 2453

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


Written by Ron Merry

Owners: Ron & Kathy Babbit

1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe

Engine:  327 Chevy           Trans:  400R         Wheels: Chrome

Front end Suspension:  Mustang II            Rear end:  9’’ Ford w/Parallel Springs

Upholstery:  Grey Leather w/Grey Suede inserts

Other Features:  Power Steering, Power Brakes, Air Conditioning

Don has had several show-quality cars he has built over the years, including his award-wining ’47 Buick, which will be the subject of a later article.

His latest acquisition is a very nice ’40 Coupe.  He recently sold his ’39 Sedan, also a very nice car, and purchased the Coupe.

He had owned the ’39 for over 43 years.  At one time it had a major engine fire which necessitated a major restoration.  Don said it was hard to part with the ’39 after all those years, but he really wanted the Coupe.

Although most people would be happy with the car as is, Don, being the perfectionist he is, has already made changes and working on others.

So far, in the short time Don has owned the car, he has added the 400R transmission and has re-done the rear suspension.  He also has plans for re-doing the engine compartment, including replacing the 327 with a LTI engine that is currently under construction.

So, although Don didn’t build this car from the ground up, when he’s finished it will have most major components built and installed by him.

As a car builder, Don is still going strong at 82 years.  Keep going, it keeps you young.

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