PO Box 2453

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729


Written by Doug Bithell

Owners: Bob & Joan Cornelius

1957 Ford Fairlane 500                                                                 

COLOR: Volvo Passionate Red                       UPHOLSTERY: BLACK LEATHER

ENGINE: 2002 FORD COBRA 4.6 cc SUPERCHARGED 32 VALVE V8                                                                          

TRANS: 6 SPEED TREMIC                                FRONT END: STOCK WITH DROPPED SPINDELS                                                 


October’s featured car is “Big Red the Money Pit”. The first part of the name is by owner Bob Cornelius and the second part is by his wife owner Joan Cornelius. I think we all have heard or felt that a time or two.

This car is absolutely stunning with so much attention applied to every detail; body work, paint, trim, engine, upholstery, 4-wheel disc brakes, etc. etc. But that was not always the case. Bob bought the car in 2002 online from a dealer in Denton, Texas, sight unseen in person. Bob says that was a rookie mistake and he made the best of it. The body work included replacing various panels through-out the car and with much labor and money spent, it was completed to its current state in 2015 (Bob says it’s never finished).

Bob told me why he chose the 57 Ford. Seems his grandmother gave him a 57 Ford that his grandfather had, after he passed away. He drove that car through his high school years which included dating his wife to be. That started his love for Fords, and he always wanted another one. The car with its 400 HP and good looks is something to see and drive. Stop and talk to Bob about the car. You'll be glad you did, and he has a lot more stories than I have room to write.

Bob has taken the Ford to Good Guys show in Del Mar, Cruising for a Cure in Orange County, Santa Anita Show where he trophied, Cool Cruise, and other local shows. Glad you and the car are part of CAL-RODS, Bob.

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